Frequently Asked Questions for Health Plans

What patient contact methods does Patient Outreach offer?

Our multichannel communications reach patients by phone, text message, and email.

Is your service scalable?

Yes. We can accommodate health plans with any number of enrollees.

Does Patient Outreach provide an after hours answering service?

No, our call center is only available from 7am to 5pm Pacific Time.

Can you help make sure my patients receive needed care?

Yes, we can provide scheduling reminders to patients to encourage them to visit their doctor regularly. We can also provide appointment reminders to help reduce no-shows and cancellations.

What information is included in your patient appointment reminders?

Anything you want. Typically we include the date and time of the appointment, recommended arrival times, and driving or parking instructions as needed. We can also provide reminders tailor-made for different types of appointments, including any special preparation instructions associated with the treatments being provided.

Can Patient Outreach help me improve my CMS rating?

Yes, we can provide HEDIS prescreening services to ensure patients have visited their doctor on time and received care in accordance with relevant HEDIS standards, which will help improve your reimbursement rates and your CMS rating.

Can Patient Outreach conduct a survey for me?

Yes, we can conduct all kinds of health tracking surveys and patient quality surveys for you. Just let us know the questions you want answered and we will ask your patients for you.

How can Patient Outreach save me money?

By outsourcing to Patient Outreach instead of hiring their own staff, health plan providers can complete administrative tasks related to patient communications in a more efficient and affordable manner. You can also help reduce no-shows and associated costs, as well as encourage patients to receive necessary care and thereby potentially reduce future treatment costs.

How do I know this service works?

We offer reporting services that enable you to see how many calls we have made or answered and track our performance in improving patient compliance.

Can I get a pricing sheet?

Please contact us to learn more about our services and receive a pricing sheet detailing the costs associated with each of our services.

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