Who We Serve

Patient Outreach is an external survey organization specializing in assisting health plans with a variety of tasks associated with patient communication and compliance. Though our core activities focus on serving health plan providers, these activities also offer indirect but important benefits for patients and medical groups.

Benefits for Health Plans

Health PlanHealth plan providers can streamline their operations by utilizing our services for patient outreach and communications. We can provide all the surveying, messaging, call answering, and reporting services you need via efficient and flexible packages that can easily be scaled up or down to accommodate changing numbers of plan enrollees. We can also help health plans to improve their performance measures by pinpointing and strengthening any areas of low patient compliance.

Benefits for Medical Groups

Medical GroupMedical groups can also enjoy significant benefits when working with health plan providers who utilize Patient Outreach’s services. For example, our appointment reminder services help to ensure that patients schedule appointments for needed care and then actually show up to those appointments. This not only helps medical groups avoid the costs and inconveniences of missed appointments, but also enables them to provide better patient care through the early detection and treatment of various needs.

Benefits for Patients

PatientsHealth plan enrollees can also benefit from your partnership with Patient Outreach. Our surveying services will help them feel that their feedback is being heard and appreciated, while our answering services will enable them to receive fast and thorough answers to any questions they may have regarding their health plan. Plus, our reminder services will make keeping up with their appointments much more convenient.

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